Ainol Q88 Kid Tablet PC – GREEN

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Details in English

Ainol Q88 Kid Tablet PC

Equipped with a 7 inch 5-point IPS touch display, brings your photos and videos to life. Android 7.1 OS ensures you more wonderful user experience. Powered by RK3126C Quad Core 1.3GHz processor, offers you smooth operation and stable multitasking experience. Rear-facing + front dual camera for capturing memorable moments and high quality pictures in daily life.

Main Features:
Android 7.1 System
The new Android 7.1 OS decreases mounts of storage space required for apps and improves runtime device performance.
RK3126C Quad Core up to 1.3 GHz
RK3126C is build up with ARM Cortex-A7. The graphics unit is Mali-400MP2.
7 inch 5 point touch IPS Screen
1024 x 600 resolution brings you high contrast and more vivid visual experience.
1G RAM to keep system running properly. Also 8G ROM can fully support all your apps and media needs.
TF Card Expansion
Accepts compatible cards up to 64GB ( not included ) for easy expansion
Dual Cameras for Photos and Face-to-face Chat
0.3MP front camera and 2.0MP rear camera let you capture memorable moments or chat with friends


Basic Information Brand: Ainol
Type: Kids Tablet
OS: Android 7.1
CPU: RK3126C
GPU: Mali400MP2
Core: 1.3GHz,Quad Core
Storage RAM: 1GB
External Memory: TF card up to 64GB (not included)
Network WIFI: 802.11b/g/n wireless internet
Support Network: WiFi
Bluetooth: 4.0
Display Screen type: Capacitive (5-Point)
Screen size: 7 inch
Screen resolution: 1024 x 600 (WSVGA)
Camera Camera type: Dual cameras (one front one back)
Back camera: 2.0MP
Front camera: 0.3MP
Connectivity TF card slot: Yes
USB Slot: Yes
3.5mm Headphone Jack: Yes
General Battery Capacity: 2800mAh
AC adapter: 100-240V 5V 2A
Material of back cover: Plastic
G-sensor: Supported
Speaker: Supported
MIC: Supported
Media Formats Picture format: BMP,GIF,JPEG,PNG
Music format: MP2,MP3
Video format: H.263,H.264,MPEG4
E-book format: PDF,TXT
Languages Languages support : Multiple languages
Additional Features Additional Features: Bluetooth,Browser,Calendar,Gravity Sensing System,MP3,OTG,WiFi
Dimensions Product size: 19.80 x 13.80 x 1.80 cm / 7.8 x 5.43 x 0.71 inches
Package size: 27.10 x 19.10 x 3.30 cm / 10.67 x 7.52 x 1.3 inches
Product weight: 0.2880 kg
Package weight: 0.7170 kg
Package Contents Tablet PC: 1
Screen Protector: 1
USB Cable: 1
English Manual : 1



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