Dr Martens 1460 Pascal boots in rainbow sequin

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מגפי Dr Martens מטורפות…

עכשיו בהנחה של 50% + 20% בקופון

מחיר לצרכן כפי שמופיע באתר: 125£, כ- 540 ש"ח

מחיר לאחר הנחה: 62.5£

כ- 270 ש"ח

קוד קופון הנותן עוד 20% :MORE20

מחיר לאחר קופון כ – 216 ש"ח

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Details in English

Dr Martens 1460 Pascal boots in rainbow sequin

price: 62.5£, 125£  50% off

coupon with 20% more: MORE20


Boots by Dr Martens

  • Give your trainers a day off
  • Lace-up fastening
  • Back tab
  • Round toe
  • Air-cushioned sole
  • Bonus: it's also abrasion and slip-resistant


Dr Martens' boots and shoes define generations of rebel style and anti-fashion. With yellow welt stitching and an air-cushioned sole, each pair is chunky, durable and comfortable. Go for its iconic leather boots to complete just about any look, or stamp your individuality through bright colours and textured finishes. Strap yourself into its sandals for sunny toes-out days.


Just here for the care instructions?
We've got you covered
Wipe clean with a soft dry cloth


Sequin-embellished upper
If it sparkles, we're into it

Lining: 100% Textile, Sole: 100% Other Materials, Upper: 100% Textile.

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