Braun No Touch Plus Forehead Digital Thermometer

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מחיר פרסום: 27.99£

מחיר סופי כולל משלוח 35.59£

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Details in English

Braun No Touch Plus Forehead Digital Thermometer

 price: 27.99£ 

  • No touch mode suitable for when your child is sleeping
  • Proximity sensor to help you find the right distance for measurement (up to 5 cm)
  • Backlight enables reading in the darkness;Unique on-screen positioning system that confirms proper distance for taking temperature and gentle guidance light that directs you for accurate aiming
  • No sound mode is used in order not to wake up the child
  • Fast 2-second reading

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Product description

Product Description

This no-touch forehead thermometer uses patented breakthrough technology to make checking temperature easier, stress-free and accurate. This dual technology means that you get fast and precise temperature readings in two ways: In the Touch mode by placing the thermometer on the forehead and in No-Touch mode, by holding the thermometer in front of your child’s forehead. Dedicated Consumer Support team please contact on 0115 965 7444

Legal Disclaimer

Please Note returns will not be accepted on used items, due to Hygeine reasons, please ensure you are buying the correct product, incase of a fault, manufacturers warranty will have to be used

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